Month: July 2022

Fundraiser for Kootenay Co-op Radio and Friends of Kootenay Lake Stewardship Society

2017: Kootenay Co-op Radio saves the Polar Bear Swim

Kootenay Co-op Radio Saves the Polar Bear Swim “It’s back on. The Nelson Polar Bear Swim, which was cancelled earlier this week, has been picked up by Kootenay Co-op Radio (KCR) and will go ahead on New Year’s Day. “It’s a fun, wacky, crazy event that should definitely continue,” KCR outreach co-ordinator Stephanie Myers told the Star.

Sno-Fest and Polar Bears of the Past

Sno-fest! Before Kootenay Co-op Radio hosted the annual Polar Bear Swim in Nelson, the event originally took place as part of Nelson’s “Sno-fest”. There was typically a whole assortment of fun activities, from costume contests, to Christmas-Tree bonfires! Check out photos from previous Sno-Fests! A huge thank you to Touchstones Nelson for helping us gather…
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